Work at Home Mom Time Diary: Wednesday - Sunday, & What I Learned from Tracking my Time for 168 Hours

I burned out on posting my time diary daily, but I did keep up with my work at home mom time diary in my Midori. Here's how the rest of the week shaped up:



Tuesday night was rough, sleep-wise, probably the worst we've had in a solid 6 months. E woke up at his usual time of 7:30, but I was not ready at all. He ended up watching YouTube in bed with me while I snoozed until about 8:30. When we finally did get up, I was in no mood to rush to the park for Stroller Strides, so we puttered around until 10:30, then went to the park to play.

We got home at 12, E ate lunch and went down for his nap. I ate lunch and wrote Wednesday's blog post. At 2, I started working on indexing, but E woke up about 5 minutes later. I was just glad he actually took a nap. 

At 3, we went on a Target run. We were home by 4, I unloaded and we FaceTimed with my mom. E was acting tired already, so I got him dinner and a bath and he was in bed by 6:15.

Ideally, I would have done something productive with my evening but I didn't. I made myself dinner, took a shower, chatted with my husband when he got home, and watched TV. At 9:30, I got in bed and read until lights out at 11. 


7:40 wake up, got E ready for school and dropped him off. I was home by 9:15 and made breakfast for myself before leaving for yoga at 9:45. 

I was home again by 11:15, and worked until 1, when I left to pick E up.

During his "nap" time, I ate lunch, ordered new pajamas for him, planned the dinner menu and wrote a grocery list. I let E out of his room at 2:45, then headed out to the grocery store at 3:30. 

Got back at 4:45, unpacked and made dinner for E. He was in bed by 6 (again). I made dinner for me and the husband while listening to This Week in Ladies

At 7:30, I finished up the client work I started earlier in the day. This was one of those cases where I spent about 3x as long on something as it should have taken me. 

At 8:30, I listened to a conference call recording about committing in 2016 from The Freelance Writer's Den

After that, I cleaned up the kitchen and read for awhile before bed.


Up again at 7:30. Breakfast, etc. and out the door at 9:15 for Stroller Strides. 

After workout, we stayed and played at the park for a little while. We left around 11:30 when E stopped sharing toys with his friends. 

At home, we both showered (E screamed for most of it because he didn't have Baby), and had lunch.

E actually took a nap, thank God. I spent about an hour trying to clean up my blog archives (I'm moving over the Wordpress), but our Internet connection was not cooperating. I gave up and went analog with studying indexing for about 45 minutes until E woke up. 

I puttered around doing housework while he played until about 3:30. It was 70° and sunny, so we took his Cozy Coupe around the block and got the mail. 

E ate dinner at 5:30, then we made chocolate chip cookies and I got him off to bed.

My husband came home a bit after 7. We made margaritas and nachos and watched Gone Girl. It was a nice little date night at home, but wow, that's a creepy movie. It creeped me out so much I think I stayed up reading past midnight.


Up at 7:30. I've realized we need to make an effort to get E out of the house on the weekends, and today we'd planned to go check out the LEGO store at the mall on the other side of town. We left the house around 10, because if I'm going to go to the mall on a Saturday, it's going to be early. E enjoyed the store, and we left with a new Duplo set and a building plate. We definitely did not need to buy more Duplos (I mean, he just had a birthday and Christmas and we'd already bought him a "just because" set this month), but my husband enjoys building with E, so... at least Duplos have a good resell value? 

After the mall, we had lunch out and were home a little after 12. E went down for a nap (didn't sleep, again). I tidied my office, finished the January prompt for One Little Word, and started organizing photos from December. I need to get them printed before I can make my December Daily album. 

Around 4, I started dinner since I knew E would need to eat early (again). My husband took care of dinner and bedtime. I was reading in bed for a little bit but could feel myself falling asleep so I got up. I ended up take an Epsom salt bath and reading a magazine. I spent the rest of the evening knitting, watching Hulu, and reading before bed around 11. 


Up at 7:30. Had a bit of a lazy morning (2 cups of coffee and lots of Pinterest browsing). Husband eventually got out of bed and fetched breakfast tacos. I took a shower (because E basically told me to; my hair was pretty gross), then spent about an hour cleaning upstairs (I'm still dealing with a moth infestation; it's gross and annoying). 

After E went down for his "nap," I had a nice solo trip to Target to pick up diapers. I had a coffee and it was all very relaxing... until I came home to a screaming toddler. My husband left around 2 to head to San Antonio for a basketball game. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and keeping E occupied until bedtime at 6.

It's now a little after 7. My husband won't be home until late tonight and I'm simultaneously feeling anxious and drained. I can hear E coughing (likely just allergies), so I'm not sure how restful tonight will be. I'd like to get December photos uploaded and ordered, but I'll probably just end up vegging out (again).

What I learned from tracking my time for 168 hours

Out of the 168 hours in the last week, I spent just under 5 hours doing client work. I spent 4 hours blogging, 1.25 hours on indexing, and another hour on professional development (the conference call).  A couple of notes about these numbers:

  • One of the projects I'm working on is currently on hold (I think it will pick back up again this week or next). Regardless of how well or not well this past week went with E, my hours worked would have been a little higher I think if that project had been in play.
  • My pay rate for the 5 hours that I did work wasn't that great, I should have been able to complete those takes in 3 hours or so. 
  • I'm not sure whether blogging really belongs in the work category. It's really somewhere between a hobby and something that helps me get work.
  • I'm glad I managed to fit in some time for indexing and professional development. One thing about freelancing is that it's really easy to get caught up in working your current gig and not honing the skills that will help you get paid 5 gigs from now. 

I got at least 7 hours of sleep every night, closer to 8 on most. I probably function best with 8.5, but 7 is okay as long as I get a bit more on other nights. 

I made it to Stroller Strides twice and yoga once. Working out is absolutely a priority for me right now. 

Most of my time was spent on childcare and housework. In the childcare realm, E and I did some fun things (playdate, park time, music class, baking cookies). My house could still be cleaner.

Relationship-wise, I spent time with my husband and we did something fun as a family.

Socially, I went to a MOPS meeting and saw friends at Stroller Strides. 

I also apparently had ample time to spend on hobbies. I read a good bit (finished The Royal We, which is very long but very delightful), worked on a couple of different scrapbooking projects, and did some knitting. 

All in all, my life feels pretty balanced right now. I definitely could have easily fit in about twice, or even three times, as much work if I hadn't been so burned out from dealing with a no-napping toddler (if you're keep track, he took a nap exactly twice in 7 days). I really do need that time in the middle of the day to recharge enough to work in the evenings. Also, I'm super thankful E is in preschool now; even if he doesn't nap at all during the week, I still get two toddler-free mornings each week. 


Work at Home Mom Time Diary: Tuesday

More time logging today. I'm really curious to see how many of my 168 hours this week will be spent sleeping or working (probably not enough for either).

Wahm time log

Tuesday started early. I had a disturbing dream in the wee hours (it might have been 6 am, I couldn't read the clock without my glasses). I felt like I never really went back to sleep after that, and got up at 7:30. After breakfast, followed by getting him dressed and ready, I took E to preschool and grabbed a drive-thru coffee on the way home.

By 10, I was in my office and put in a solid hour of work for one client. At 11, I shifted to indexing. My aspirations of book indexing have gone in fits and starts over the last several years. I finished a training course a few years ago, but I wasn't in the right place to really ramp things up. Now I feel like I've lost a lot of that training. So I started a different training course through the American Society for Indexing. I finished reading through the first section of the first module while snuggling my cat and basking in the sun coming in through the skylight in our game room. I didn't have the information I needed to take the quiz, so I spent 30 minutes or so writing yesterday's blog post.

At 12, I got a bit distracted by signing up for meal trains for a couple of friends (one baby, one open heart surgery), and looking at potential weekend activities (E's been a little difficult on the weekends and I think we need to get out of the house more on Saturday and Sunday). 

At 1, I left to pick E up. I got him home and ready for "nap," then jumped in the shower. After, I made myself lunch and messed around online (can't even remember what I was doing), until I let E come out of his room at 3. 

I made him a snack to eat while he had screen time, and got dressed and did something with my hair and face. At this point, I also realized I didn't have a few crucial dinner ingredients (even though we were at the store yesterday!).

Around 4, we left to go to a demo music class. E is really into music right now, so he had a blast. I was really impressed with the program (similar to one we've done before, but this one is Spanish immersion... time to brush up on my Español!) and we signed up for a 9-week session. The class ended at 5:15 and though I knew it was not a good idea with my no-napping toddler, we ran to the grocery store.

We got home at 20 to 6 and chaos ensued. E hit me in the face with his stainless steel thermos, then hit the dog. It was ugly. I got him fed and in bed by 6:30.

My plan had been to work for another hour or so after bed, but needless to say, I was not in the mood. I made dinner for me and my husband (who wouldn't be home until later), ate while reading a magazine, then cleaned up while listening to podcasts.

At 9, I got back on the computer to proofread the parent handbook for E's preschool (I'm on the board). Checked in with my online due date group (for E, not a future baby!), then got in bed to read at 10. I was hoping to get turn out the lights on the earlier side, but E woke up screaming around 11, and after various interventions, everyone was finally in bed (again) by midnight.


Not the best day, but I was moderately productive while E was out of the house. It would have been better if I hadn't lost that last hour (from 12-1) doing something I could have done at a later time. In general, the days are a lot harder when E's not sleeping well. Even if he's in his room for nap time, I find it difficult to either relax or get work done (both of which are acceptable to me) when I know he's still awake. 

Work at Home Mom Time Diary: Monday

Laura Vanderkam is running a 7-day time tracking challenge this week and I'm playing along. I've tracked my time before but have never really done anything with the information, so I was interested in giving it another go. Plus, sharing a work at home mom time diary could be useful for other work at home moms.

Work at home mom time diary

Here's what Monday looked like.

I got out of bed at 7:30. I'd hoped to be up a little earlier, but my bed was really comfortable. I'd like to work on being out of bed by 7. Making this happen will probably require turning out the lights earlier. Got E up, made breakfast, etc. I had 15 minutes to read blogs and drink my coffee. I got us both ready for Stroller Strides and we were out the door by 8:50.

We have a weekly playdate with Stroller Strides and this week we headed to an indoor playground after class. They had a decent toddler area and E had a blast.

We were home by 11:45, and I fixed lunch for E (chicken nuggets, broccoli, and applesauce; he didn't touch the broccoli and requested yogurt). I heated up an Amy's frozen meal (pad thai) and ate E's broccoli. We colored for a bit after he finished eating.

At 12:30, I put him in his room for a nap and jumped in the shower, then made a dirty chai.

Went to my office at 1 and worked until a little after 2. E had never fallen asleep (and trashed his room in the intervening 90 minutes). So I got him up and let him watching Mighty Machines while I finished getting dressed and started some laundry.

At 3, we ran to the grocery store. E enjoyed a cookie from the bakery while I grabbed a few things. We were home by 3:45. I unloaded groceries, tidied the kitchen, did more laundry, started chicken in the crock-pot for Tuesday's dinner, and made dinner for E.

Fed E at 4:45. When he skips nap I aim to have him in bed by 6, which means an early dinner. By 5:15 he was bouncing off the walls, so we went into his room to get ready for bed. I left his room at 5:45 and never heard a peep afterward.

I clicked around the internet for a bit to decompress after the toddler tornado, then got ready for my MOPS meeting. Husband came home and I chatted with him for a minute, then let for the meeting, which started at 7. 

Returned home around 9:15. Talked to my husband about evening commitments for the week ahead. Finished cleaning up the kitchen, and started getting ready for bed around 10:15. I actually got in bed closer to 11, and read (The Royal We for book club, it's really fun). Lights out at 11:40.


So far: Unsurprisingly, a lot of childcare and trying to keep a household running. I did get a workout in and went to MOPS. I'm not sure if the hour of work I squeezed in really paid off since I had to pick up a trashed bedroom after (nothing was ruined, he just likes to strew things about). I mostly just knocked out a couple of time-sensitive administrative tasks, which I probably could have managed to do from my laptop in the kitchen while E played. 

A Fresh Start in 2016 with ePantry

In my last post, I mentioned my desire to keep my home smelling like lemons. That's become considerably easier to do once I started availing myself of ePantry's services: they ship fantastic natural cleaning products to my doorstep each month. I've been using ePantry since June and I am a HUGE FAN. They carry products I have a hard time sourcing locally and the monthly shipments keep everything on autopilot. I don't have to remember to restock E's disposable diapers for the days he attends preschool, they just magically show up at my front door. How great is that? 

Epantry toxin free kit 2

That’s why I’m so excited to share that ePantry has a special offer for my readers, just in time to help you whip your home back into shape after the hurricane of the holidays. When you sign up for ePantry using my referral link, you’ll get a free Toxin Free Cleaning Kit. The offer includes all of the chemical-free cleaning essentials you need: a Casabella cleaning caddy, Grove Collaborative glass spray bottle, Aura Cacia essential oil, and a microfiber e-cloth. 

My kit arrived last week and the microfiber e-cloth is my new favorite thing. It's the only product I've tried that actually cleans my stainless steel appliances. No more fingerprints!

Epantry toxin free kit

Want to get your free Toxin Free Cleaning Kit and see why I love ePantry? Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for ePantry through this link. You’ll receive the Toxin Free Cleaning Kit free when you sign up!
  2. Answer a few quick questions about your family and how clean you keep your home (be honest!). This takes under 30 seconds and ePantry uses your responses to customize your first basket.
  3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize the basket of products to suit your needs by adding or removing items.
  4. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you want to receive in your first box. 
  5. You made it! Click finish & pay and place your order. (You may wonder how you lived without ePantry!)
  6. Stick to your New Year’s resolution with free shipping on your second order. To receive free shipping, make sure you select the free 60 day VIP Trial after you check out.
  7. Already hooked on ePantry? Existing customers click here to get 50% off the Toxin Free Cleaning Kit with your next order.


Don’t forget this special offer is only available until January 17th, 6 pm PST or while supplies last.

Happy cleaning!


7 Commandments for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was swell. I, for one, am glad to be back in our usual routine though this first week has felt exceptionally long. As previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of setting New Year's resolutions and goals. And while I have plenty of those this year, I took it a step further this year by also thinking about what "rules" I would give myself for living well in 2016. Here's what I came up with:


  • Be mindful of what comes into your home. Clutter is one of my biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to maintaining a tidy home. I've found it helpful to just not bring things home in the first place. This goes for buying things that I could really survive without or accepting free things that I don't really need. I recently came across an old post on Gretchen Rubin's blog about the 27 most important rules for keeping your house in order (that's some evergreen content right there). Worth a read, and if you want to keep up with any other gems I find online, be sure you're following me on Twitter
  • Use your library card, and otherwise be a good steward of your money. I've fallen into a bad habit of just buying books because it's slightly easier than borrowing. But this a) leads to piles of stuff (the actual books, plus the packaging it arrives in), and, b) deprives me of the opportunity to support my public library (which, having been to library school, is actually something I feel passionately about). It's really not the best use of my money. 
  • Write for yourself. If I were a superhero, words would be my superpower.  Words are my thing. Writing them, indexing them, wrangling them into digestible bits of information. I don't want to sound like a tortured soul, but I'm a better person when I'm writing. And more specifically, when I'm writing a lot. It's easy for me to get so focused on client work that I forget to write just for fun, and then writing, regardless of what I'm writing about, becomes a whole lot less enjoyable. I don't want that. I'm committing to writing more words, just for the heck of it.
  • Live your truth without apologies. My life, for better or for worse, doesn't look like anyone else's. I'm grateful for that. I think, in this world of over-connectivity, it's easy to get sucked into the idea that my reality is one that should be pitted against my peers. But what is there to gain? In 2016 I want to keep my eyes on my own paper, so to speak.
  • Build routines, even especially when you don't want to. I thrive in routine, but I am incredibly resistant to starting them. A certain routine will sound like a good idea to me, but when it comes time to repeat it for the twelfth time, my inclination is to say, "ugh, this again?" and make up an excuse to skip it ("I'm really tired. It doesn't really matter if I wipe down the kitchen counters before bed."). Except it does matter to me later on (when I wake up to a dirty kitchen or when I have to dig through a pile of laundry to find something clean to wear). I think I've gotten a lot better at forcing myself to do things repeatedly to the point where it eventually becomes second nature, but there's always room for improvement. 
  • Keep your home smelling like lemons. A few months ago I had this sudden realization that I wanted my home to smell like lemons. Lemons are fresh, clean, and energizing. Not a bad vibe for your home, right? "Clean" is subjective, and maybe impossible to achieve with a toddler tornado and four (hairy) pets, but the smell of lemons? That's a clear yes or no. Despite my best efforts, my home does not always smell like lemons. Sometimes it smells like trash that needs to be taken out, but this gives me a clear destination to work towards. 
  • Be kind. Both to myself and to others. I think if there's one thing we can all agree about the current state of the world is that it needs more kindness. I'm not likely to achieve world peace by speaking more gently to my husband or not laying on the horn when someone cuts me off while driving, but it couldn't hurt. Ripple effects and all that. 

Creating Really Awesome Free Things by Jamie Dorobek

The really awesome blogger behind Creating Really Awesome Free Things, Jamie Dorobek, recently published her first book. Like her blog, it's called C.R.A.F.T., and it features over 100 Seriously Fun, Super-Easy Projects for Kids. Jamie was kind enough to send over a copy for E and me to review, and I'm so glad she did! 

Craft by jamie dorobek

This book is a parent's dream come true. First of all, it's jam-packed with projects (it really feels like there's more than 100, but maybe that's because they're all awesome?). I can see the projects appealing to a wide range of ages, from toddlers to tweens. And everything's made with super simple supplies, stuff you probably already have hanging around the house (that's the free part!). This is the book you're going to want to have in about 3 weeks when the holiday excitement is long gone and everyone is BORED and tired of being stuck inside (assuming you don't live in Texas, anyway, it was 80 degrees the day I wrote this post). There's also tons of full-color photos and interesting little facts sprinkled throughout (did you know sushi is traditionally a finger food?). 

Craft by jamie dorobek bird feeder

E and I decided to tackle the bird feeder on page 210. It took all of 2 minutes to gather supplies (an empty toilet paper roll, peanut butter, a knife, and birdseed), which was good because that's approximately the attention span of my crafting assistant. E enjoyed spreading the peanut butter on the toilet paper roll, I coated it with bird seed, and we hung it on a branch visible from our backdoor. I saw increased avian activity in the backyard a couple of hours later, so I'm going to call the project a success!

Craft by jamie dorobek bird feeder 2

There are many other projects in the book that I'd love to try with E, like the ziptop bag sheep. C.R.A.F.T. is a great addition to our library of craft books, and I can't wait to dive into it more.

How to Bust Out of a Mama Rut



Having a baby is a lot like being thrown to a pack of wolves: pure survival mode. Everything is uncharted territory while you get to know this tiny human you're tasked with keeping alive, and your daily to-do list is reduced to the bare minimum of eating, sleeping, and making sure you're both (somewhat) clean. But sooner or later, life with this brand new little person becomes routine, and you might look up and realize your life has become a dull, never-ending cycle of naps, grocery store runs, and laundry. It can be disheartening, especially for a mama who previously fancied herself an interesting, well-rounded individual. But never fear! There are plenty of simple ways you can bust out of this rut and put a little pep back in your step.

7 things to try when you're bored with motherhood. Great advice!

7 Ways to Bust Out of a Mama Rut

Get sweaty.

Love it or hate it, exercise is good for you. Aside from the obvious reasons for working out (burning calories, toning muscles that got a little flabby during pregnancy), those endorphins can't be beat for making you feel like you could kick some serious ass and take on the world. I swear by Fit4Mom (and really great option for mamas who are ready to work out but not ready to leave baby in the care of someone else), but a Y membership is also affordable and usually comes with childcare. Can't leave your house? There are tons of exercise videos on YouTube. 

Find your tribe.

Being around other moms who are in this same season of life can be very uplifting and energizing. If you're not blessed with a group of friends who all had children around the same time, you might have to do a little leg work to find your tribe. Join MOPS or MOMS club, or find other local groups of like-minded parents on Facebook (Babywearing International, Hike It Baby, and a free forest school all have large, active groups in my neck of the woods) or

Get out of the house.

Pretty much every SAHM/WAHM I've met swears by getting out of the house once a day. Again, Fit4Mom is perfect for this, but you can also look into some classes or memberships that are appropriate for your baby or kiddos. Swimming, Music Together, Gymboree, Little Gym, children's museum, zoo, aquarium, story time (not just at the public library, many bookstores and toy stores have weekly events, too) are all great options for infants to preschoolers. It's easy to spend a fortune on classes and memberships, but there are probably a ton of free events in your area, too.

Switch up your routine. 

It sounds silly, but even shopping at a different grocery store can feel new and different. You might even discover that you spend less time or money shopping at a new store versus your previous go-t0. 

Squeeze in some pampering.

Schedule a pedicure, pick up a face mask and new nail polish on one of your thrice-weekly Target runs (don't tell me I'm the only one that ends up there more than once a week), even taking 30 seconds to slather on some night cream can help you feel so much better about yourself. 

Give yourself permission to be creative.

A creative challenge can be good for your soul, too. If you have a hobby that you've largely abandoned since becoming a mom, jump back into it. Or pick up an entirely new hobby. Let's face it, some hobbies just aren't very compatible with parenthood, particularly if it involves leaving the house. If you're looking for something cheap, easy, and totally relaxing, try an adult coloring book. Pairs nicely with a podcast or audiobook. 

Workout your brain.

Motherhood certainly does a great job of turning your brain to mush. Want to feel smart and up-to-date again? Grab a book of crossword puzzles, Sudoku or logic puzzles (I always hated math, but I did love logic puzzles!) and start forging new neural pathways to replace the ones your kid destroyed. They're also strangely relaxing and gives you a chance to use a different part of your brain (you know, the part that doesn't calculate how little sleep you got last night). Read a book off the current best-seller list or grab a news magazine (The Week is my favorite). 

Grateful for November


I hate being cold (I know, I know, I live in Austin, but basically every time it gets below 60 degrees I can no longer feel my hands) but I do love this time of year. There's a lot going on and life is full, but there's also the pull to reevaluate, to shake things up. The past two years I've missed out on that post-Christmas navel gazing. In 2013, I'd just had a baby and in 2014 I had ptosis surgery the day after Christmas. I'm truly glad both those things occurred (my kid is awesome, having surgery over the holidays meant my mom was available for childcare), but I'm really looking forward to some serious introspection next month, unhindered by recuperation. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, including an early birthday celebration for my almost-two-year-old (we'll have another small party on his actual birthday). And now we're rolling on to Christmas, counting down the days with advent activities. But before then, here are a few things I found interesting over the last month.

5 Christmas Board Books Your Toddler will Love

Looking for a good book to share with your baby or toddler this holiday season? I've got you covered with this list of 5 Christmas board books for little ones, all heartily approved by my own toddler.


Where is Baby's Christmas Present? by Karen Katz: E is obsessed with the Baby lift-the-flap books from Karen Katz and this one is no exception. Baby is looking for the Christmas present, and along the way encounters Christmas essentials like cookies, candy canes and ornaments. For further reading, check out Baby Loves Winter

The Cheerios Christmas Play Book by Lee Wade: I recently picked this up to use for one of our advent activities, so while E hasn't seen it yet, I know it will be a hit. Toddlers can use Cheerios to complete Christmas scenes: adding buttons to the angel's robe, decorating the Christmas tree, etc. Great for perfecting the pincer grasp and hand-eye coordination!

Corduroy's Merry Christmas by Don Freeman: This book is sadly out of print but happily available for a penny on Amazon. We have a couple of other holiday-themed Corduroy books (Halloween and Valentine's Day) and E loves them all. Each follows a similar storyline of Corduroy preparing for the holiday with his friends. The text is simple enough for babies and young toddlers and talks about some of the activities that are likely going on in your house to get ready for Christmas, like trimming the tree.

My First Christmas by Tomi DePaola: I can never resist DePaola's books. This is a sweet little story perfect for baby's first Christmas, filled with charming illustrations of familiar Christmas scenes, such as holly and a candle in the window.

Little Blue Truck's Christmas by Alice Schertle: Little Blue is delivering Christmas trees to all of his friends. Although lacking the life lessons present in Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, this is still a solid entry in the series. Plus, the last page lights up. For transportation-obsessed kiddos, this is a solid choice.


This post is part of the Winter + Holiday Children Story Books series. Discover 30 more amazing book lists to check out this holiday season.

25 Toddler & Preschool Advent Activities


I'm excited to try an activity-based advent calendar with E this year. I had thought about it doing it last year but didn't because I hadn't fully recovered from the first year of his life. And I didn't think he would get too much out of it, anyway. He's able to do so much more now and I think he'll really enjoy all of these activities.

Some are things we would be doing anyway (my mom and I always have a cookie baking day, E's school is putting on a combo Christmas pageant/ breakfast with Santa event), some don't require much effort (looking at Christmas lights), some require some prep work on my part. I'd like to get everything scheduled out and purchase any supplies so I can have everything organized and ready to go (hah!). I'm attempting December Daily this year so at the very least the advent calendar will give me a photo and story for each day (I hope!). 


25 Toddler & Preschool Advent Activities

  1. Breakfast with Santa
  2. Bake Christmas cookies
  3. Make reindeer food
  4. Make a bird feeder
  5. Magnetic nativity scene
  6. Decorate a cardboard Christmas tree
  7. Handprint reindeer
  8. Decorate the Christmas tree
  9. Dot sticker Christmas wreath
  10. Hot chocolate date
  11. Santa pancakes for breakfast
  12. Write a letter to Santa
  13. Make a snowglobe
  14. Cheerios Christmas playbook
  15. Felt stacking tree
  16. Washi tape ornament
  17. Visit a live nativity
  18. Look at Christmas lights
  19. Decorate a gingerbread house
  20. Make an advent wreath
  21. Read Christmas books
  22. Listen to Christmas music
  23. Make a cotton ball snowman
  24. Leave out cookies and milk for Santa, and sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn
  25. Watch a Christmas movie